Selected works from 2001 to 2023 

(not listed chronologically)

Pummarola Black, 2023

Wooden african sculpture, candle, woollen yarn, fresh tomatos

variable size

Mappa Metropolitana Borgesiana, 2023

screws, woollen yarn, twine

variable size

Impugnatura (Matched Grip), 2023

Ceramic and drumstick 

Large Papers Series, 2017

mixed technique on archival paper

collage, ink, enamel, pencil, spray paint, acrylics

cm 100 x 70

Cento pagine d'Inferno, 2015

Divine Comedy used school book , bronze, mallett for timpanis, duct tape, ink, screws.

cm 37 x 38, h 34

Deus Ex Machina, 2014

Original vintage cymbal, duct tape, various metals, enamel, acrilycs and ink on canvas.

cm 200 x 180 x 35 approximate 

Trance Europe, 2014

Neon Light and spray colour

cm 64 x 30

Prince Prayer, 2014

Copertine di LP vintage, cassette musicali vintage, carta oggetti vari, matita e acrilici su board.

cm 53 x 106

Rock Couples Copulation


pencil and acrylics on paper

cm. 400 x 500


Belcanto, 2012

bronze and fresh flower 

cm 20 x 18 x 5

Hot Rats Naked Ass, 2015

ink, enamel, collage and acrilics on paper, original vinyl Lp,

frame and glass, duck tape, acrilics on canvas

cm 65 x 75

Linee Parallele, 2015

Duct tape and original cassette tapes on wood.

cm 150 x 170

A sonic and aware invective of love (to Mike Kelley), 2010

collage and pencil on cardboard, pencil and inkjet on paper, electric wire, spray color, scotch tape.

Installation of variable size

(cm 200 x 250 approx)

Black EP Circle, 2008

Vintage EP covers, screws.

acrilycs on canvas

cm 180 diametre

While my guitar gently weeps

broken wine bottles and silicon glue

installation of variable size

diametre 150 cm

U R What U Listen 2

digital print on d-bond

cm 120 x 120

Hairy Marilyn (isn't life strange) power - entertainment - revolution - creativity, 2009/2011

original 45rpm covers,

acrylics color,  ink jet on paper

installation of variable size

approx cm 200 x 300

Jasper Johns Prophecy, 2006

original USA cloth flag and embroidery

cm 120 x 185

Buck inda hole, 2005

drumhead , cymbals,

rolled one dollar bills

cm. 300 x 60 approx.

Cd Oversize, 2005/2023


acrylics on canvas

cm 170 x 9,5 each

Drumcusi, 2002

stacked original drums

cm 504 x Ø 60

An homage at the Infinite Column by Constantin Brancusi.

I LUV R'n'R, 2005

bronze and wristband

cm 33 x 15 x 8

ed. 3

Don't Move (bang bang), 2005

turntable, sculpt stucco, color scotch tapes, putting green, golf clubs and balls

installation of variable size

Applausi, 2001

neon light

cm. 80 x 25